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About around and around...

DigiCon6 ASIA is a place of finding and promoting the possibility of movies with everyone in ASIA. We decide to make a movie with various creators who have participated in DigiCon6 ASIA. The title is "around and around…" The movie starts just a "line". Each creators from different countries and regions in Asia made 5~10 seconds animation and put together as one animation throughout the "line". It likes passing the baton to imaginative works to works. The "line" is not ended. The line that connecting to the future will come around Aisa.Hope everyone will connect the "line"

The HP of the new project called "around and around…" is now open! The concept of being all together in Asia with a single "line". It’s a new challenge that makes an animation by connecting various short works following a "line" This is the "around and around" DigiCon6 ASIA that finding and promoting the possibility of movies in ASIA call creators and the project is started. The first animation is completed. Creators participated from 14 countries and regions in ASIA. It's time to start the project!



  • Kao Senghuo

  • Liu Maoning

  • Hayden Mok

  • Sagar Funde

  • Arief Khoirui Alim

  • Amir Houshang Moein

  • Takahiro Shibata

  • Seoro Oh

  • Anouphong Khounphithack

  • Feerdaus Abd Manaf
    (84 animation studio)

  • Xue Enge,Gabriel Tng,Tay Yinxue

  • Rahul Kumar

  • LuLu Chen

  • Suwajee Somjunya

  • Shokir Kholikov

  • Le Binh

  • Kei TANAKA

  • Manabu HIMEDA


Project team