24th DigiCon 6 ASIA

24th Digicon6 ASIA

The Story of Chaos


Elementary school students who are not comfortable with the Taoist teaching of "chaos" will try to make the story into a "wonton" story and add various originalities to it. A cute and funny story about "chaos" that is useful even today.


Yu Qing Quek

Yu Qing Quek


Yu Qing Quek is a stop-motion animator and illustrator based in Singapore. She received her BFA in Media Art from the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University. Yu Qing enjoys creating works that engage with and respond to a source material. Her graduate stop-motion film, The Story of Chaos, reinterprets an ancient Taoist parable of Hundun (or Chaos) from the seminal Taoist text Zhuangzi. She loves the medium of stop- motion for its materiality and imperfections.