24th DigiCon 6 ASIA

24th Digicon6 ASIA



The short film depicts a protagonist full of "illusions". He can always reveal his "animal nature" at different time points or events. These illusions show the protagonist's day of "beginning and ending" in an orderly and gradual manner


Fei Xia

Fei Xia


2017/05 won the first prize in the Jiangxi Red Cross cartoon character image ""Jiang Xiaohong""competition. 2018/06 The graduation design ""Crow Goes Through the Village"" won the prize of the Academy of Fine Arts of Jiangxi Normal University. 2020/11 The animation work ""Listening"" was selected for the 13th Xiamen International Animation Festival 2020. 2020/12 The work ""Museum Bronze IP Design"" won the third prize of the 14th National Digital Art Design Competition