24th DigiCon 6 ASIA

24th Digicon6 ASIA


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Things that we thought were gone may not truly leave us- perhaps they are still with us somehow. Life is full of ups and downs. Death is a natural part of life. This story inspires us to rethink our life and treasure every moment we have, just like the two inseparable little cats enjoying their life and experiencing the grief of death.


Ng Kai Chung & Step C
Hong Kong

Ng Kai Chung & Step C


Step C. is an animation director, illustrator, Educator and art director based in Hong Kong. She loves to use a variety of media to express the world in her imagination. Her animated short films were screened at festivals around the world and ""Toxic Relationship"" (2018) was selected in more than 50 international festivals, and won awards at various international film festivals Her Latest animation Depths of Night ( 2021) was selected in more than 50 international festivals, won 15 awards,,including awards at IFVA and Digicon6 Asia and many more.Tommy Kai Chung Ng, animation director. He directed animation short “AnotherWorld”(2019) and won the Japan TBS Digicon6 ASIA Awards Grand Prize. He was the animation director of Golden Horse-nominated best animation short ""Depths of night""(2021). Ng also directed serval commercial such as ""Assassin Creed: Origin"" ; & ""Nike Air Max"".