24th DigiCon 6 ASIA

24th Digicon6 ASIA

What is DigiCon6 ASIA? デジコンアジアとは? What is DigiCon6 ASIA? デジコンアジアとは?

What is DigiCon6 ASIA?

DigiCon6 Contest is now inviting talented short film and animation creators to submit entries.
All valid entries will be judged fairly, regardless of professional or amateur status of
their creators,
based on a strict set of strict criteria. Outstanding entries will be awarded with prizes.
We hope to build a good relationship with the award winners to support his/her later creative activity in various paths,
including both video production
and publishing.

DigiCon6 ASIAとは

株式会社 TBSホールディングスが
事前にそれぞれの地域でDigiCon6 Regional Awardsが開催され、
そこで選ばれたクリエイターたちが一堂に東京に集まり、DigiCon6 ASIAのステージで競い合います。