23rd Digicon6 ASIA

Little Miss Dungjai


The animation depicts the story of a Thai student who grew up in an enclosed space in the olden time, which has a different cultural context from the society in the present. She stood for what she believed when the idea of criticizing and questioning things was not widely accepted, which later resulted in her being consumed by societal norms and ended up being the one to pass on violence to the next generation.



Pattama Homrod ,
Primp Surapakpinyo


Primp Surapakpinyo and Pattama Homrod are fresh graduates from the Faculty of Digital Art, Rangsit University, Thailand. They both are familiar with the animation field as they have participated in animation contests such as 24HOURS and IAC before. Primp, now specialized in character design, is now a ่junior 2D artist at Bit Egg Inc. BKK. While Pattama is a freelance 2d/stop-motion animator.

タイのランカット大学のデジタルアート専攻を卒業。二人とも以前から24HOURSやIACなどのアニメーションコンテストに参加しアニメーションを得意とする。現在、キャラクターデザインを専門とするプリンプは、Bit Egg Inc.のジュニア2Dアーティストとして活躍している。パタマはフリーランスの2D ストップモーション・アニメーターとして活躍している。