23rd Digicon6 ASIA

Hide n' Run


May 98, A little girl named Ita has to run away from her father in a chasing game"police-thief". With her imaginary friend named Beru, she comes out of the shophouse without knowing what happened.


Flow Motion

Flow Motion


Director Excel Dermawan started making his animation all the way since junior high school in Malang as a hobby. While making animation as a hobby, Excel has won several online animation competitions. Then in 2017, Excel moved to Tangerang to pursue study on animation at UMN where he and his team won several awards from some animation screenings that were held inside and outside UMN. As in 2021, Excel finished his study at UMN and starting to learn while working at One Animation as an animator.

監督であるエクセル ダーマワンは中学生の頃からインドネシア、マランでアニメーション制作を趣味で始める。趣味でアニメーションを制作し、いくつかのオンラインのアニメーションコンペで賞を受賞。2017年にタンゲランに移り住み、マルチメディア・ヌサンタラ大学でアニメーション制作を追求。自身やグループで制作したアニメーションが数々の賞を受賞し、大学外でも上映。2021年同大学を卒業し、One Animationでアニメーターとして活躍している。