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This film is adapted from the classic Peking Opera 《Divergence》, mainly about the Song Dynasty, when Jiao Zan was Slandered by a traitor, jiechai escorts Jiao Zan to Sanchakou, sleeps in a hotel, and Ren Tanghui secretly protects him. At night, the shopkeeper Liu Lihua fights with Ren Tanghui to save Jiao Zan. During the fight, Jiao Zan recognizes Ren Tanghui. It turns out that it's a misunderstanding.

古典的な京劇「三岔口(Divergence)」を基にした作品。宋王朝の時代、Jiao Zanが刺客に狙われる中、JiechaiはJiao Zanを三岔口に匿いホテルで寝かせ、Ren Tanghuiが密かに彼を護衛していた。ある夜、店員のLiu LIhuaはJiao Zanを護衛するRen Tanghuiと戦う。戦いの最中、Jiao ZanはRen Tanghuiが勘違いをしていることに気づき…

Sun Lijun,Shen Yongliang

Sun Lijun , Shen Yongliang


Professor Sun Lijun, doctoral advisor and Vice President of Beijing Film Academy, is a Leading Talent in the National ""Ten Thousand Talents Program"" of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Chairman of Beijing Film Specialist Association, Director of Animation Art Committee of China Film Association, and Chairman of Animated Film Working Committee of China Film Association. Professor Sun Lijun is an expert granted special allowance from the State Council.
Shen Yongliang, doctor of animation major of Beijing Film Academy, Teacher of Normal College of Beijing Union University and member of Beijing film, television and Animation Association. He is a member of China Animation Association, a visiting lecturer of Animation School of Beijing Film Academy and a researcher of Animation Research Institute of Animation School of Beijing Film Academy. His works have won international and domestic awards for many times.

ソン・リウジン 北京電影学院の指導員兼副学長。中国共産党中央委員会宣伝部の「国家一万人人材プログラム」のリーディングタレントであり、北京映画専門家協会副会長、中国映画協会アニメーション芸術委員会理事、中国映画協会アニメーション映画作業委員会委員長を務める。国務院の特別手当を受けた専門家。