23rd Digicon6 ASIA

The Soup

ASIA Master Dan /
Rising Star Award

Life could be unexpected. It could be better, and it also could be worse. Sometime when we get older, we tend to forget things. We even forget our loved ones. It is heartbreak to learn that they are no longer recognize who you are anymore. Sometime it's very hard to find a treatment for that. But also... sometime... you don't need to go far to find the treatment, it's closer that you might think.


Ear Uy, Pum Sothearoth,San Sanit,Sam Daro

Ear Uy and Pum Sothearoth


Team Yerng is a side project of Sabay Osja which focusing on a different type of character and animation style. We use doll like character and animation to create fun and sometime emotional animation shorts. We focusing on fast production process to create animations.

チームYerngはゲーム制作をメインとするSabay Osjaの新たなプロジェクトの一部。普段とは異なったキャラクターやアニメーションを制作。人形のようなキャラクターを使用し、楽しくも感動的な短編アニメーションを実現。早いペースでのアニメーション制作に力を入れている。